Windows 95💻 on an Apple🍎 Watch📹:

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By Fråst🐺

Software Developer👓 Nick Lee managed to boot his Apple Watch⌚ on Windows 95💻 and uploaded a video📹 of it. Ok, so it takes around an hour to load,😒 but it’s still amusing to watch Win95 on an Apple Watch⌚! Tech specs on the Apple Watch are much higher than a typical Win 95 PC💻, so it can run the old OS. Lee had to modify🔨🔧 Apple’s development software allowing him to turn Win95 into a watch app which emulates the environment🌳 to run on the OS. He also set up a motorized tube which➰ would continually turn the crown of the Apple Watch, thereby stopping it from sleeping.💤 The Win95 app version can track your fingertip👆 as a mouse. Check it out here 📹:

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