Aamir Can't Buy💰 Ancestral Home🏡

  |   Aamir Khan

Last month Superstar🌟 Aamir Khan expressed his desire to buy his mom Zeenat Hussain her childhood house🏡 in Benares. Aamir wants to do this as he knows this his mother's long-standing desire to stay in that home🤗. However, looks like acquiring that property is not❌ going to be an easy task for the actor. A source has revealed that the property is in a legal dispute👊. 2⃣ of the 3⃣ current owners of the house are unwilling to sell this house and are in no mood to co-operate with the star's family👪 and his lawyers. Aamir is very keen on buying the house and is said to have even approached the local residents to intervene to help him buy the house🏡.

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