Dead Body😧 at Apple🍎 HQ

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By Fråst🐺

A body😵 was found this morning on Apple's🍎 campus headquarters🏢, in Santa Clara, Cupertino🌆. The sheriff's👮🏼 department got a call at 8.38 am🕖 and said it was a “possible suicide.” As per the sheriff's dispatch a female employee👩🏻, who was involved in an argument🗣 on the campus, was escorted her out of the building by Apple security, but not before sustaining a head injury, possibly from a gun🔫. The deputies are unclear if multiple people👥 are involved. Some police described finding a body with a gun🔫 in a conference room. All that’s known for now is that a Hispanic male👨🏽 is involved in the fatality.

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