Kat🐱 Blames Ayan Mukerji❓

  |   Katrina Kaif

We know that Ayan Mukerji is a mutual friend of both Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif💔. However, Ayan has been friends with Ranbir long before Kat🐱 came into the picture. A source close to the couple has said that Ayan has already taken a side in this break up and that is Ranbir's👊. He has made it clear to Kat🐱 that there are no🚫 chances of reconciliation. It seems like Ayan is protective of his friend and doesn't want him to go through any more drama. Word also is that Kat blames Ayan for making things worse😶. She felt he could have intervened and helped the two get back together😐.

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