Kohli on 💪Sallu as 🇮🇳Goodwill Ambassador

Recently Virat Kohli was asked on his view👀 of Salman💪 being appointed as the goodwill👌 ambassador for the Indian🇮🇳 contingent at the Rio Olympics. Virat said that he was not in a position to comment about it and said it doesn't matter what he feels about it🤔. He said🔊, "The decision has to be made by the concerned people and I have said this before as well. Lot of people have voiced their opinions and for me, I can't make a comment because I am not making that decision. It's up to the people who have made the decision to know whether it is right or wrong." He further said that if you get support👊 from anywhere for sports it is good but he is not going to comment on being in favour or against it✌️. "As I said it's not my place to comment on it, people will have different feelings towards the decision. My opinion really doesn't matter in altering that decision or have an impact on the outcome of that decision. So, it doesn't really matter what I say here,"🔊 Kohli added.

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