Pellegrini Spying🕵 on Madrid😲❓

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By Shadowfax🐎

Man City boss👔 Manuel Pellegrini has revealed that he always gets inside information on Real Madrid👑 - their Champions League semi opponents. Pellegrini also claimed that he knew in advance that Cristiano Ronaldo⚡ would not play against them in the 1st leg and he had conveyed it to his players😯 - "I have many friends in Spain. I always try to have as much information about the opposition before every game. And on the morning of the Madrid game, I told the players that Ronaldo would not be playing". He also claimed to know the nature of CR7's injury🚑 and said that he would know if he recovers for the 2nd leg😳 - "What happens in the next four days will make them decide – and if Ronaldo has any chance of playing then they will take it. And I will know".

Pellegrini should probably apply to the Scotland Yard🕵 for a job when Pep replaces him next season😅.

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