SC⚖ Unhappy😅 With Condom🙈Packing

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

Supreme Court⚖ has asked the Additional Solicitor General👔(ASG) to study condoms and other contraceptives' packaging to determine whether if the pictures on it are too vulgar or racy👄. "Do you have any plan to regulate such advertisements?" a Supreme Court bench reportedly asked Maninder Singh😯, the government's third-ranked legal officer. The Apex court also wants the ASG to determine whether the scantily clad👙, steamy pictures in condom🎈 packets constitute a penal offense under the obscenity law, which carries a maximum punishment of two years in jail and five years for repeat offenders😳.

Our hearts go out to the ASG😅, who now faces the 'unenviable' task of poring over the sexy photographs😉 on condom packets and try to 🤔determine whether they are too racy for the Indian public.

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