Shocking😱 Report On 🇮🇳 B-Schools

  |   India News

It is well known that the standard of higher education🎓 in India across all disciplines is below par😞. Except some prestigious institutions, the quality of education📖 of the rest is poor. A shocking😱 recent report claimed that only 7⃣ percent of MBA graduates are employable. Further, the report says that if graduates from 20 top B-schools are excluded, only 7⃣ percent from the rest actually😕 get a straight job after completing the course. There are more than 5,500 B-schools in the 🇮🇳country offering a total of 5,20,000 seats in MBA courses. According to the report, even the quality of IIMs and IITs have come down😯 when compared to last 15 years. The reason cited for this decline is the poor😔 quality of school education. The standard of faculty is also a concern😟 as very few people consider it as a profession due to low 💸incomes.

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