Sunny in Disbelief When SRK Called😱

  |   Sunnyleone

Sunny☀️ Leone has been super excited🙌 that she was able to work with Shah Rukh Khan👊 in his upcoming movie 🎥"Raees". She talks about it as her 'Disneyland' experience👏. Sunny narrates her reaction when she first got the call for the opportunity and said🔊, "I actually got a call from Excel. Actually, not me, but Daniel (Weber, her husband) did. We were sitting in my car and after he kept the call, Daniel was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I knew it wasn’t something bad because he has his tone and I have known him for so long, so I know. He got off and finally told me. I was in shock. I thought they must have dialled a wrong number. I asked him if they really did call for Sunny Leone and not someone else! I was just in disbelief." Sunny also said that it was amazing😍 to work with Shah Rukh and she thanked🙏 the superstar more times that she can count for giving her this experience☺️.

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