🇺🇸 to Reconsider Selling F-16s to Pak⁉

  |   India News

Top 🇺🇸 diplomats have implored the Obama administration to reconsider selling F-16 fighter jets🛩 to Pakistan. They are concerned that these fighter jets could be used by the country against 🇮🇳 instead of fighting terrorism💥. The decision to give 8⃣ F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan at an estimated cost of $700 million💵 has been put on hold by the US Senate✋. "Many members of Congress, including me, seriously question the judgement and timing of such a sale. Additionally, Indo-Pak tensions remain elevated and some question whether the F-16s could ultimately be used against India or other regional powers, rather than the terrorists as Pakistan as asserted," Congressman Matt Salmon said during a Congressional hearing. The hearing on Afghanistan and Pakistan was convened by the Subcommittee on Asia and Pacific of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Others like Congressman Brad Sherman also agreed and alleged that Pakistan could use these jets to launch fatal attacks💥 on its neighbour.

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