Strange😳 Order📜 in ☀Bihar

  |   India News

Summer has been harsh in 🇮🇳India. Heat waves and fires🔥 have killed more than 100 across the country. In Bihar itself, 66 people and 1200 animals🐄 were killed due to fires in the past 2⃣ weeks. Cited as a move to tackle this problem, the Nitish Kumar govt came up with an 😳interesting order. The order 🚫bans 🍳cooking in villages between 9 am and 6 am during summer and a person can be jailed for up to 2⃣ years😱 if the order is violated. The govt has claimed that it is the sparks⚡ from cooking 🔥fires, carried by heavy winds that ignites💥 straw huts. 2⃣ days ago in the Begusarai district in Bihar, more than 300 straw huts😯 were burnt completely. The Bihar govt official👔 in charge of handling disasters, Vyasji said, "The point is that hundreds of lives are at risk. The order has only been given after a detailed survey on just how the fires started. The jail term is based on a law on disaster management."

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