FBI🕵 Director Disgruntled😠 with WhatsApp

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By Fråst🐺

FBI🕵 Director James Comey, while at The National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee👥, voiced his displeasure with messenger services using encrypted messaging like WhatsApp💬. He said that they could lead to future litigation⚖. Comey said💬, “WhatsApp has over a billion customers, overwhelmingly good people, but in that billion customers are terrorists and criminals, so that now-ubiquitous feature of all WhatsApp products will affect both sides of the house.” Fortunately, if the FBI 🕵shuts down⭕ apps like WhatsApp💬 or Telegram🔵, another will replace it pretty quick. The point is, if people👿 want to use technology for bad purposes, it doesn’t matter what governments ban, terrorists☠ will always find a way to do what they want to.

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