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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 704

O intimate friend, you have enjoyed your Beloved; please, tell me about Him. They alone find their Beloved, who eradicate self-conceit; such is the good destiny written on their foreheads. Taking me by the arm, the Lord and Master has made me His own; He has not considered my merits or demerits. She, whom You have adorned with the necklace of virtue, and dyed in the deep crimson color of His Love - everything looks beautiful on her. O servant Nanak, blessed is that happy soul-bride, who dwells with her Husband Lord. ||3|| O intimate friend, I have found that peace which I sought. My sought-after Husband Lord has come home, and now, congratulations are pouring in. Great joy and happiness welled up, when my Husband Lord, of ever-fresh beauty, showed mercy to me. By great good fortune, I have found Him; the Guru has united me with Him, through the Saadh Sangat, the True Congregation of the Holy. My hopes and desires have all been fulfilled; my Beloved Husband Lord has hugged me close in His embrace. Prays Nanak, I have found that peace which I sought, meeting with the Guru. ||4||1|| Jaitsree, Fifth Mehl, Second House, Chhant: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Shalok: God is lofty, unapproachable and infinite. He is indescribable - He cannot be described. Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God, who is all-powerful to save us. ||1|| Chhant: Save me, any way You can; O Lord God, I am Yours. My demerits are uncountable; how many of them should I count? The sins and crimes I committed are countless; day by day, I continually make mistakes. I am intoxicated by emotional attachment to Maya, the treacherous one; by Your Grace alone can I be saved. Secretly, I commit hideous sins of corruption, even though God is the nearest of the near. Prays Nanak, shower me with Your Mercy, Lord, and lift me up, out of the whirlpool of the terrifying world-ocean. ||1|| Shalok: Countless are His virtues; they cannot be enumerated. God's Name is lofty and exalted. This is Nanak's humble prayer, to bless the homeless with a home. ||2|| Chhant: There is no other place at all - where else should I go? Twenty-four hours a day, with my palms pressed together, I meditate on God. Meditating forever on my God, I receive the fruits of my mind's desires. Renouncing pride, attachment, corruption and duality, I lovingly center my attention on the One Lord. Dedicate your mind and body to God; eradicate all your self-conceit. Prays Nanak, shower me with Your mercy, Lord, that I may be absorbed in Your True Name. ||2|| Shalok: O mind, meditate on the One, who holds everything in His hands. Gather the wealth of the Lord's Name; O Nanak, it shall always be with You. ||3|| Chhant: God is our only True Friend; there is not any other. In the places and interspaces, in the water and on the land, He Himself is pervading everywhere. He is totally permeating the water, the land and the sky; God is the Great Giver, the Lord and Master of all. The Lord of the world, the Lord of the universe has no limit; His Glorious Virtues are unlimited - how can I count them? I have hurried to the Sanctuary of the Lord Master, the Bringer of peace; without Him, there is no other at all. Prays Nanak, that being, unto whom the Lord shows mercy - he alone obtains the Naam. ||3||

Ang: 705

Shalok: Whatever I wish for, that I receive. Meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Nanak has found total peace. ||4|| Chhant: My mind is now emancipated; I have joined the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. As Gurmukh, I chant the Naam, and my light has merged into the Light. Remembering the Lord's Name in meditation, my sins have been erased; the fire has been extinguished, and I am satisfied. He has taken me by the arm, and blessed me with His kind mercy; He has accepted me His own. The Lord has hugged me in His embrace, and merged me with Himself; the pains of birth and death have been burnt away. Prays Nanak, He has blessed me with His kind mercy; in an instant, He unites me with Himself. ||4||2|| Jaitsree, Chhant, Fifth Mehl: The world is like a temporary way-station, but it is filled with pride. People commit countless sins; they are dyed in the color of the love of Maya. In greed, emotional attachment and egotism, they are drowning; they do not even think of dying. Children, friends, worldly occupations and spouses - they talk of these things, while their lives are passing away. When their pre-ordained days have run their course, O mother, they behold the Messengers of the Righteous Judge of Dharma, and they suffer. The karma of their past deeds cannot be erased, O Nanak, if they have not earned the wealth of the Lord's Name. ||1|| He makes all sorts of efforts, but he does not sing the Lord's Name. He wanders around in countless incarnations; he dies, only to be born again. As beasts, birds, stones and trees - their number cannot be known. As are the seeds he plants, so are the pleasures he enjoys; he receives the consequences of his own actions. He loses the jewel of this human life in the gamble, and God is not pleased with him at all. Prays Nanak, wandering in doubt, he does not find any rest, even for an instant. ||2|| Youth has passed, and old age has taken its place. The hands tremble, the head shakes, and the eyes do not see. The eyes do not see, without vibrating and meditating on the Lord; he must leave behind the attractions of Maya, and depart. He burnt his mind and body for his relatives, but now, they do not listen to him, and they throw dust on his head. Love for the infinite, Perfect Lord does not abide in his mind, even for an instant. Prays Nanak, the fort of paper is false - it is destroyed in an instant. ||3|| Nanak has come to the Sanctuary of the Lord's lotus feet. God Himself has carried Him across the impassable, terrifying world-ocean. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I vibrate and meditate on the Lord; God has made me His own, and saved me. The Lord has approved of me, and blessed me with His Name; He did not take anything else into consideration. I have found the infinite Lord and Master, the treasure of virtue, which my mind had yearned for. Prays Nanak, I am satisfied forever; I have eaten the food of the Lord's Name. ||4||2||3|| Jaitsree, Fifth Mehl, Vaar With Shaloks: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Shalok: In the beginning, He was pervading; in the middle, He is pervading; in the end, He will be pervading. He is the Transcendent Lord. The Saints remember in meditation the all-pervading Lord God. O Nanak, He is the Destroyer of sins, the Lord of the universe. ||1||