NASA💫 Discovers 1,284 Planets🌚

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By Fråst🐺

Astronomers🔭 working at the Kepler space telescope have verified 1,284 new planets🌚 which is more than twice previously confirmed from Kepler and also the single largest group of new validated planets till date. Astronomers👓 used statistical analysis📊 on a planet catalogue of 4,302 potential planets🌚 made by the telescope in July 2015 and found that 1,284 the qualification of a ‘planet’🔴 by more than 99%. But even if a few turned out not to be planets, it’s still a massive find. NASA💫 said that the remainder are “more likely to be some other astrophysical phenomena.🤔” From the 1,284 confirmed✅, there are 550 planets🔵 that are the right size to potentially be Earth-like🌍 rocky & 9 of them orbit within their star’s “habitable zone.👌” Don’t get too optimistic though😒, we can find as many earth-like🌍 planets as we want but unless we invent warp drive🚀, just sit tight and save the Earth.

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