Railways🚋 Withdraw ₹4 cr Bill💧

  |   India News

Railways🚋 withdrew the ₹4 crore water bill sent to the Latur district and promised to continue to run water-trains to cater to the need of the people in the drought-hit Marathwada region, till the crisis is over👏. More than 6⃣ crore litres of water has been transported by the Railways from Miraj to Latur. Suresh Prabhu, the Railways Minister is monitoring the operation personally and has instructed the concerned officials to run the trains till there is a need for water.The Pune & and Solapur divisions of the Central Railway zone have been working hard to accomplish the task of transporting water. The settlement of the operational expenses isn't a constraint given the situation, according to the Railways. The Latur district administration had requested Central Railway Administration to indicate the cost💵 of sending water through the 'Jaldoot' trains.The estimate of the expenditure that was shared with Lathur administration at their request, will be withdrawn.

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