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Reza Katani👊 is Bollywood’s favourite celebrity🌟 trainer and has frequently trained superhottie😍 Katrina Kaif amongst others. He is currently training Ranbir and Katrina for Jagga Jasoos🎥 in Morocco and has also trained Katrina and Siddharth for their upcoming Baar Baar Dekho🎥. Reza is an internationally acclaimed👌 fitness coach and after just a few sessions with him, Bollywood celebs have shown excellent physiques😯. Reza was originally a sports⚽ therapist but later set up his own gym and began to train clients in London🇬🇧. It’s possible that his introduction to Bollywood was instigated by Katrina Kaif who frequents the UK🇬🇧 very often. Reza says💬, "Sometimes Katrina's training regime is so intense that she is completely physically exhausted and you can clearly see she has no physical strength but continues solely with the power of her mind." Well, Reza, we’re sure it’s all because of your efforts there👍.
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