Nepal Criticised👎 for B-Wood🎥 Welcome🤔

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By Fråst🐺

Nepal’s media🎤 has criticised their Army for receiving Bollywood actors Sonakshi Sinha👩🏻 and Malaika Arora Khan💃 who arrived in the country at the Kathmandu international airport🛬. The media said that their actions were demoralising and reduced their prestige😳. The army, confused😕, said it saw nothing wrong in the incident. The actors were in Kathmandu for a fundraiser💰 for the victims of last year’s earthquake💢 and was headed by army chief General Rajendra Chhettri👮. On Friday, General Samir Shai was at the Tribhuvan International Airport🛬 (TIA) received Sonakshi while other army officials received Malaika. An army spokesperson said💬, “The welcome by the army personal was a normal incident.” Ties between Nepal and India🇮🇳 have been becoming sour after the border blockade⛔ last year which was imposed by Madhesis protesting Nepal’s new constitution📜.

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