Apple🍎 iPhone 7📱 All-Glass Leak💧

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By Fråst🐺

A leak💧 from KGI Securities analyst👓 Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 7📱 may be a disappointment😞 as the device has a minimal upgrade from the 6S📱. The reason why is because apple is working on an ‘all-glass’ iPhone 8📲 which might be cooler😍 than imagined before. Apple is expected to skip an ‘S year’ and get upgraded to the iPhone 8📱 which will have an edgeless display removing the large top and bottom bezels😯 altogether, even taking along with them the home button🖲. Experts say💬, “I’ve heard this independently and it is completely getting rid of the chin and forehead of the phone. The entire face will be the display. And the Touch ID sensor will be somehow embedded in the display. The front-facing camera will somehow be embedded in the display. The speaker, everything. All the sensors will somehow be behind the display.” Now that sounds real cool😍❄.

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