GoT⚔ : Daenerys🐉 Sizzles in Episode 4⃣

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Sansa Stark👧 reunited with her brother after being apart for years. She urged Jon Snow to help her win the North back from the Boltons. The resurrection has taken its toll on Snow. The bastard is more measured and seems to lack the fire of version 1.0. He agreed to join Sansa👍 to win back their home eventually after he reads the vicious letter📃 from Ramsay😈. In the Vale, Lord Baelish successfully convinced Robin to lend support to Sansa in her fight for the North.
Tyrion is still stuck in Meereen and is trying to strike a deal with the Great Masters, much to the displeasure😠 of Missandei & Grey Worm.
Jorah Mormon and Daario Naharis tracked down Daenerys. Dario curses Jorah and labels him an old man👴 who can't handle Khaleesi in bed. The two of them sneak into the Dothraki and Daario saves Jorah from a giant Dothraki. Daenerys🐉 needed no help in getting out, though. The Khals held a trial of sorts for Daenerys, where she was threatened with rape and a painful death. Dany smiled and said,"“You’re not going to serve me. You’re going to die.” She burned the place down and walked out untouched by fire😮. A crowd gathers as the naked dragon mother strides out, surrounded by flames🔥.

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