Mayor👔 Calls for 'Old Trafford💣' Inquest🔍

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By Shadowfax🐎

The Mayor👔 of Manchester has called for an inquest🔍 after the season-ending match between Man United♦ and Bournemouth was called off after a training device💣 was left behind following a safety exercise, which sparked a bomb scare😱. Greater Manchester Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner👮 Tony Lloyd called for a full inquiry into the fiasco. Lloyd called the situation 'unacceptable' & demanded an inquiry to discover who was responsible😠 for the incident which caused great discomfort to supporters and security forces alike🙆. United have decided to refund all tickets💰 and allow ticket holders from both clubs to watch Tuesday's re-arranged game for free👏.The gesture is expected to cost the club 3 million pounds💷.

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