Wenger👔 Unhappy with 2⃣nd Place

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Arsenal🔫 won their last home game 4⃣-0⃣, while their rivals Tottenham folded 5⃣-1⃣ to a relegated Newcastle side. That meant Spurs finished below Arsenal for the 21st time in a row😮. However, Gunners manager Arsene Wenger👔 affirmed the club's ambitions by declaring that he wasn't satisfied with a 2nd place finish. "We are second in the league and we want to be first. But if you're not first, you might as well be 10th or 12th. You might as well say first is good and the rest is rubbish. In sport, when you work in a football club you know that every win you have to fight and prepare more,"said Wenger. The Frenchman applauded👏 champions Leicester City for their successful campaign. He also observed that they lost only 3️⃣ games in the entire season and two of their losses had come against Arsenal👍.

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