MF💰 Fires🔥 72 Tax Officers

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

For the first time, the Ministry of Finance💰 (MF) has fired 72 tax officers👔 and pre-maturely retired 33 others😮 for their bad performance📉 over the last 2⃣ years. This comes as the government wants to enforce good governance👍 in the revenue department. A statement by the MF reads:💬 “There is a general perception that no action is taken against the defaulting tax officials for their non-performance as well as in case of harassing the tax assesses among others. The present Government has taken various steps to change this perception following the principle of good governance.” Finance Minister💰 Arun Jaitley said💬 “discretion of officers is not the only thing being reduced but action was also being taken against them.”

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