Poseession of Beef🐃 Decriminalised

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

The Bombay HC🏣 has given their verdict on the beef ban🐃🚫 in Maharashtra. The ban🚫 on slaughter🔪 of bulls/bullocks in the state has been accepted. However, it said that possession of beef slaughtered outside Maharashtra won’t be an offence👍. The court struck down Section 5D and 9B of the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act📜 which makes even possession of beef🍖 an offence. The HC said that the sections were “unconstitutional”👏 and would “infringe on a person's right to privacy, which is a fundamental right under Article 21 (Right to Life).” The HC said that only 'conscious possession'💭 of meat of animals slaughter in Maharashtra would be an offence. The task of proving🔎 this would be upon the state and not the individual😜.

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