The Future✨ of Warner🎵is Streaming

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By Fråst🐺

Warner Music🎵 Group’s biggest source of income💰 is from the streaming industry. Warner recently announced📢 that money from streaming services like Spotify and Apple🍎 Music were their single biggest source of revenue💰 in the first quarter of the year. Their sales had surpassed both physical sales💿 and sales of digital downloads⬇. Even though CD sales continue to decline, the profit from streaming has totally made up from it. Warner’s revenue has even increased 💲72 M for the quarter, half of which came from overseas sales. Downloads have declined by 💲17 M and physical revenue dropped only by 💲6⃣ M, but increasing overall revenue by 🔟%. Warner is now pressing Google and YouTube▶ to cough up more money. CEO Stephen Cooper said💬, “It is imperative that we ensure a fairer correlation between the massive consumption of music via services built around user-uploaded content and the value generated for artists, songwriters and rights holders.”

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