Anushka & Virat💑 to Patch Up❓

  |   Bollywood / Anushka Sharma

By Shadowfax🐎

Though it was never confirmed or denied that Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli had split💔, it was more or less an open secret. Now, it appears the 'Sultan' actress💃 is all set to get back together with the star cricketer🏏. Here are 3 developments which indicate the star couple are still smitten💑 with each other :-

🔰 Both of them went on a dinner date🍴 when speculation was rife about their alleged breakup.
🔰 Kohli was pictured later wearing a tee-shirt👕 that had a caption - 'We were on a break'.
🔰 Virat, who had unfollowed Anushka before their 'break up', followed her back on social media.

Kudos to those who burnt🔥 the midnight oil to find out who Kohli had followed/unfollowed😏.

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