BigQuery Connected🔌 to G👀gle Drive

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By Fråst🐺

On Friday, G👀gle announced📣 that it would bring some if its Cloud💭 Platform and Apps tools🔧 closer. Google’s analytics📊 data warehousing service, BigQuery, wil be able to read Google Drive files📂 and access spreadsheets from G👀gle Sheets. A G👀gle spokesperson said that the company is searching for better ways to integrate services and create unified solutions that bring together tools🔧 like Google Apps and G👀gle Cloud Platform. He said💬, “As Diane Greene has mentioned several times, customers use multiple Google products and we can provide the best experience by working across our enterprise teams to create unified solutions.” He added💬, “Specifically, this integration lowers barriers to adoption by simplifying data workloads and creating a new pathway for enterprise customers to easily use Google Cloud Platform and Google Apps.”

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