💀Bin Laden Raid: ISI Poisoned😱 CIA Chief

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

Startling revelations😱 have been made regarding the events that surrounded the 🇺🇸US raid on a flat in Abbottabad in Pakistan that saw Osama Bin Laden💀 killed in 2011. The revelations, reported by Washington Post📰 citing unnamed CIA officials, makes it clear that ISI🕵 had poisoned the CIA station chief👮 in retaliation for the humiliating commando assault which proved Pakistan's hand in hiding Osama Bin Laden🙆. The report📝 also says that ISI had twice outed CIA station heads in Islamabad after the agency implicated ISI in the Mumbai terror attacks💥 in 2008. The situation was so much worse that CIA had to spirit one of its station chiefs out of Pakistan without notice😳. The report mentions that CIA's view👀 towards ISI also changed in the lead up to the Osama raid from a 'problematic partner' to a 'determined foe'. Fearing ISI response, CIA also made contingency plans😨 to evacuate its diplomatic officials across the border to India🇮🇳 or be picked up by USS Carl Vinson🚢 from the Karachi shore. Soon after the raid, station chief Mark Kelton began experiencing severe stomach pains😟 and had to be evacuated and had to undergo abdominal surgery. CIA thinks that it was the ISI that poisoned Kelton👎.

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