🇺🇸Debates 'South Asian/Indian🇮🇳' History

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🏫School Curriculums in the US🇺🇸 state of California are set to be revised and a heated debate🗣 has sparked, about referring to the region that includes India🇮🇳, Pakistan and Nepal as India or as South Asia😳. This is because India wasn't a nation-state till 1947. Social media campaigns💻 (#DontEraseIndia) and petition drives have ensued. Early in spring, many students👦👧 appealed🙏 to the educators that such a move would amount to erasing their heritage. The agitation is an indicator of the transformation in California's population (nearly half of the 2.5 million Hindus in the United States live in California), where Asians💪 are the fastest growing demographic. The Hindu American Foundation wants to redefine the image of Hinduism in the US and want the entire area to be referred to as India😂. They also want the caste system to be portrayed as a phenomenon of religion and not as a Hindu practice. The State Board of Education📚 will vote 🗳 on the final changes in June.

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