London's🌉 First Muslim☪ Mayor

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

The son of a London🌉 bus driver🚌 has just become the city’s first Muslim☪ mayor. Sadiq Khan, 45, has finally secured a victory🎉 for the Labour Party after a conservative challenger attempted to link🔗 him to extremism☠. New York🌃 mayor Bill de Blasio also sent him his congratulations👏. Khan hasn’t yet received an official notification of his victory. The victory is welcome as the Labour party has suffered losses📉 in other local elections. In Scotland, it came third behind the Scottish National Party🔷 (SNP) and the Conservatives. Khan grew up in public housing🏢 in London’s inner city🌉, while Conservative Zac Goldsmith, 41, is the son of a billionaire💰. Goldsmith alleges that Khan has links with radical Muslim☠ speakers and given "oxygen" to extremists💀. Khan replied saying that he has fought👊💀 extremism all his life.

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