Dalai Lama’s🙏 US Visit Irks😤 China

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By Fråst🐺

US🇺🇸 President Obama met the Dalai Lama☸ on Wednesday for the 4⃣th time since he was in office. The Dalai Lama☸ offered his condolences for the recent gay nightclub shooting🔫 where 49 people died. However, Beijing🇨🇳 accuses the Dalai Lama☸ of attempting to split the region from the rest of China and was angered😡 by his visit to the White House🏛 and condemned it. The Dalai Lama☸ says that he only wants a higher degree of autonomy under China🇨🇳. A Chinese spokesperson said💬, “We need to emphasise that the Tibetan issue is China’s internal affairs and other countries do not have any right to interfere with this. The 14th Dalai Lama is not simply a religious figure but a political figure in exile who has been conducting secessionist activities internationally under the pretext of religion.” They went on to say that the meeting will send the wrong❌ signal to Tibetan separatist forces and undermine 🇺🇸US-China🇨🇳 cooperation.

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Original Image Credit📷: Flickr/The White House