Zuckerberg😎 Funny Q&A Session📹: https://goo.gl/tm10d0

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By Fråst🐺

We shared a snippet of Mark Zuckerberg’s conversation🗣 with Jerry Seinfeld👏 yesterday, now here’s the entire video📹 for you! Mark talks about various topics over his Facebook Live👤 feature, and answers several questions from his followers👥. Questions ranged from those inquiring about his daughter, Max👶🏻, his efforts to build a home AI system💡, whether FB users will ever be charged 💰for using the service, how he broke his arm💪 when training for a triathlon🏃, … and whether he’s a lizard🐉 or not. Spoiler⚠. Turns out he’s not😜. The Q&A received 8.2 million views👀 worldwide. Watch it here📹: https://goo.gl/tm10d0

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