🇨🇳China Fears 🇮🇳India Close to NSG☢ Inclusion

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By Shadowfax🐎

Chinese official media fears😟 that India's inclusion into the Nuclear Suppliers Group☢ (NSG) will upset the 'nuclear balance' between India and Pakistan😱. An article in the state-run magazine📖 'Global Times' admitted that India is inching closer to getting an NSG membership😏 and it also mentioned that China could support India's inclusion in the 48-member club😲 if it "played by rules". The article, 2nd such one in just 2 days by the same daily😯, says that India's NSG inclusion will concern China's all-weather ally Pakistan🙆 because entry into the NSG will make India a legitimate nuclear power💪. The article also mentions that the reason why India have garnered support👏 from many corners in its bid is because Washington has started to treat New Delhi as part of the US alliance👌.

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