China’s Incursion💂🏼 was Aggressive😡

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By Fråst🐺

Last week, an estimated 215 of the People’s Liberation Army💂🏼 (PLA) 🇨🇳 troops entered India🇮🇳 from 4⃣ different border points in Arunachal Pradesh, but the intrusion wasn’t as peaceful as previously thought😳. They completely covered the ‘Shankar Tikri’ near the Line of Actual Control〰 (LAC). The area is one of the identified disputed pockets and is an Indian territory🇮🇳 and protected by Indian forces👍. The PLA took an aggressive stance😡 and claimed that the area belonged to China🇨🇳. They entered all 4⃣ border points simultaneously, the other 3⃣ points had numbers between 21 to 20, but the most were in Tikri. They called it a ‘banner drill’🤔 and tried to physically attacked the Indian Army personnel😳, but were overpowered immediately leading to a “mild scuffle😐.” Only after 4⃣ PLA officers with an interpreter met the Commanding Officer👮🏼 and presented him with 2 packets of chocolates🍫 and one gift packet🎁 to the officer did tensions ease😐.

🔎To know more about LAC, type: search line of control

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