Salman💪 Makes Journalist Star⭐ in Sultan

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

By Fråst🐺

Satish Sharma was a newspaper📰 publisher and developed a fervour for the silver screen🎥, so Salman Khan💪 came to his rescue and now Satish will appear with the star in Sultan👑. Satish plays a politician👔 in Sultan👑, which will be his fourth film. Satish was the owner and editor of the Doon-based English daily, ‘Garhwal Post📰,’ as well as the MD of Enchanting Himalaya⛰ – an initiative to promote Uttarakhand for filmmaking. He was recommended✅ by Ali Abbas Zafar to the producers, auditioned and got the role. In the movie, Satish insults Salman’s character when he approaches him for a job💼. Satish said💬, “Just to share screen space with Salman was a gift from the Almighty. He radiated a rare charm that endears him. He was so real, grounded and focused.”

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