Chris Gayle a Fan 😍of SRK

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By Fråst🐺

Chris Gayle🏏, the scandalous😜 West Indian cricketer, said some rather interesting things (as always😏) in his newest book📗, “The Six Machine.” The autobiography revealed the sheer poverty Gayle grew up in as he lived under a tin roof🏚 most of his life. He also wrote✍ that he worships cricket and since he was young called himself the Cristiano Ronaldo⚽ of cricket. Gayle also admitted to being a fan😍 of Shah Rukh Khan🤓 and Juhi Chawla. Gayle’s favourite style of cricket was Test against T20, even though he specialises in the latter. His favourite innings are triple centuries against South Africa🇿🇦 & Sri Lanka🇱🇰.

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