World’s🌎 Largest Solar Plane✈ Lands in NY📹:

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By Fråst🐺

The Solar Impulse 2🛩 – the world’s largest solar-powered☀ aircraft – landed in NY🌃 after a year of flying around the world. Pilot Andre Borschberg flew past the Statue of Liberty🇺🇸 before landing at JFK International🛬. He said💬, “It was symbolic to fly over the Statue of Liberty being free from fossil fuel. The weather was perfect last night, too. I felt like a 3- or 4-year-old looking at a Christmas tree. I was so excited.” Borschberg & co-pilot Bertrand Piccard began their adventure around the globe🌎 in the aircraft with a wingspan of a 747 ✈(72 m), but the weight and speed of a car🚗, and the power of a small motorcycle🏍 – over a 27,000-mile flight🛩. Its 17,00 solar cells🔅 are built into carbon fibre wings, and doesn’t use even an ounce of fossil fuels or emit harmful gases💨. The pilots began their journey in Abu Dhabi🌆 in 2015. Check out the landing here📹:

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