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+234...4⃣ how do u control anxiety?

Dear +234...4⃣,

Let me start by saying that you're not alone. Many people battle anxiety every day. When you're feeling anxious, here are some suggestions that will help:

😐Realize that everything is not under your control. Ask yourself whether the situation is really as bad as you think?
😂Be around positive people, have a laugh, watch comedy on TV. Have a laugh, it really helps improve your mood.
✅Try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
👫Find a way to be around people. Volunteer in your community.
🤔Try to understand what triggers your anxiety. Write a diary when you’re feeling anxious, and look for a pattern.
🗣Talk to somebody, it can be a friend or relative you trust, a doctor or a counselor. Tell your family you're feeling overwhelmed.

🕐Take time for yourself. Try yoga, listen to good 🎵music, meditate🙂. Stepping away from what's worrying you will help clear your mind.
🍲Eat healthy, balanced meals. Don't skip meals and if you're on the go, have a few healthy snacks handy.
🚫Minimize alcohol🍻 and ☕️caffeine, which can make anxiety worse and trigger panic attacks.
💤Get a good night's sleep. When anxious the body always needs more rest.
🏃Exercise every day.

Wishing you all the best. Control of anxiety can be learned. Be patient with yourself.

Duta Didi

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