Game of Thrones⚔:8⃣th Episode Recap‼

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The 8⃣th episode of Game of Thrones⚔ season 6⃣ was a thrilling one, as castles fell, murders🔪 were rampant and an armada arrived😮.
Arya Stark👧 proclaimed herself as Arya Stark from Winterfell and not "no girl" and headed to Westeros😃, after being forgiven by Jaqen. Jaime Lannister captured Riverrun without much fuss as Blackfish😢 went down fighting as Brienne & Podrick managed to escape. The Hound has his revenge👊 as he hunted down the faith militants💣 and killed them brutally😡 with his bare hands. Tommen, under the guidance of the High Sparrow abolished❌ trial by combat much to his mother's disappointment. Tyrion Lannister⭐ had a merry time with Missandei and Grey Worm drinking🍻 and sharing jokes😂. The slave masters from neighbouring cities launched an attack on Mereen😱 and Daenerys arrived just in time with her dragon🐉.

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