ICC Ponders🤔 ODI 😳League‼

The International Cricket Council🏏 is said to be planning on creating a new ODI😳 league from 2019 onwards. The league will feature the 10 👍test playing nations along with Ireland, Afghanistan and Nepal👏. The teams are believed🤔 to play each other for 3⃣ years and the league champion👑 will be declared by a playoff series between the top 2⃣ teams✌. It is also believed that the league will have a promotion/relegation❌ system with the second tier of ODI cricket, the World Cricket League Championship. Over the 3⃣ years, each team will play🙌 a 3⃣-match series against every other 👌opposition while the 4⃣th year will be reserved for World Cup🏆 preparations.

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