Junk Food🍔 to Bale's⚡ Rescue😳

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After Wale's heartbreaking💔 last minute defeat against England, Gareth Bale⚡ said that Burger🍔 and chips helped him get over the loss. Bale's free kick⚽ had given Wales the lead but substitutes Vardy⭐ and Sturridge scored for England to clinch the victory away from Bale and co. The Real Madrid👑 winger said that the whole team was disappointed😞 and went out for lunch the next day to have a change👍. "Burger and chips seems to have helped. We definitely needed that - just to get out. It is nice to have a change and it lightens everyone's mood up. We had a nice dessert, too. I had a pancake with Nutella. I don't know yet what I'll have if we beat Russia but it'll be something nice," Bale 🔈said. Wales now need a win✌ in their final group match against 🇷🇺Russia to qualify to the next round🙏.

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