Messi's⭐ Beard😳 Pact👍

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Lionel Messi⭐ has been incredible this Copa America🏆 even though his first full match was in the quarters. He has scored 4⃣ goals⚽ and has assisted 2⃣. However, the Argentina captain is in the spotlight💡 for a unique😳 news too. His beard is the new😱 newsmaker and fans🙌 are also seen sporting beard during Argentina's matches. When asked about it, Messi said🔈, "If I lose the beard, the others would kill me. We believe this is a kabbalah which will allow us to break our bad run and win the trophy. There's no way I'm shaving it off now, my team-mates wouldn't let me." What is more interesting😂 is that his close friend Sergio Aguero⭐ has also joined the pact👏. Aguero said that they are going to grow it and see🤔 how things will turn out✌.

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