Nura: The Future of Headphones🎧 is Here📹:

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By Fråst🐺

Melbourne-based🇦🇺 start-up, Nura, has developed headphones🎧 which calibrate the sound frequencies emanating from their device to match your hearing frequency🤔. The device takes 30 seconds⏲ to calibrate by bouncing off sounds 🔊 in your ear👂 to derive a frequency. It then stores the information📊 unique to your ears in a profile👤. It can store multiple profiles👥, so every time you wear it, it automatically recognises your ear frequency👂 and brings up your profile😯. The effect after calibration is simply exceptional. The headphones will retail for 💲399, but you can get them for 💲200 if you donate to their Kickstarter:
Check it out here📹:

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Original Image Credit📷: Still from video