Pistorius🏃 Shows 😳Disability in Court⚖

  |   India News

On Wednesday, Oscar Pistorius🏃- the 'Blade Runner' walked into the courtroom🏛 without his prosthetic legs. It was the third hearing to determine his sentence⚖ for the murder🔫 of his girlfriend in 2013 and to show👀 his vulnerability, he walked on his stumps. The 29-year old athlete requested the judge👔 to sentence him to community service considering his condition😔. He is facing a sentence of 🤔15 years for murder. He has long maintained that he 😳thought an intruder has broken into his house and that is why he shot🔫 out of fear and confusion😕. One of Pistorius's lawyers, Barry Roux pleaded🙏, “The accused has lost all of his assets and his career is gone. The accused can never, ever resume his career. The accused has punished himself, and will punish himself for the rest of his life, far more than any court of law can punish him.”

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