2002 Gulbarg Massacre😱: 24 Convicted👏

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14 years ago a 20,000-strong mob👥 attacked Gulbarg society and killed🔪 69 people including Congress✋ lawmaker Ehsan Jafri. The riots💥 took place a day after coaches of the Sabarmati Express🚃 train were burnt at Godhra station leaving 59 people dead💐. 66 people stood trial in the riots, 24 of them have been convicted👏 and 11 of them for murder😠 on Thursday by an Ahmedabad court. Bipin Patel, of the BJP🔸, who was one of the accused has been acquitted due to lack of evidence🔎. The sentencing will be done on 6 Jun. Jafri’s widow Zakia said💬, “I am very unhappy with the judgement. I will carry on the fight, will do whatever it takes." Zakiya still alleges that then Gujarat CM👀 Narendra Modi✌ and other ministers were involved in the Gujarat riots💥 which left more than 1,000 people dead💐.

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