Mamata 👵🏻 the Fitness Freak🏋

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West Bengal’s new CM Mamata Banerjee👵🏻 seems to be quite interested in physical fitness🏋 and has ordered that a multi-gym be set-up in the Nabanna state secretariat🏬. This will be the first gym for Govt. employees💼 in a state secretariat. The CM spends around 2⃣ hours every morning on the treadmill🏃 and cross-trainer at her residence and goes on walks at the Citizens’ Park🏞 in the evenings. She often advises plump bureaucrats to “go for walks and exercise. Be slim and trim. You’ll be healthy.” A close friend said💬, “For meals she favours very little rice with ‘Tangra’ (special small fish) curry.” The clearance for the gym has been approved✅ and for it to be completed Mamata just needs to verify the purchase of the equipment. Several officials👔 at Nabanna said💬, “Now we can reach office early, work out in the gym and after a cool bath, concentrate on work.”

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