Tom Hardy & DiCaprio😎 at £11K😱 Phone Launch

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By Fråst🐺

The Solarin smartphone📱 is allegedly the world’s most secure🔒🔐🔏 smartphone available for commercial use but integrated with military-grade💂🏼 security. The Israeli🇮🇱 made phone from Sirin Labs has gotten a tonne of publicity off late, and even Hollywood hotshots like Leonardo DiCaprio✨ and Tom Hardy👊 were seen at its launch🚀, they were all very hush-hush and wanted nothing to do with the press🎤, however. Makes sense since they’re interested in a security product. What’s really interesting about the phone📱 is its staggering price - £11,400😲. Yes, that’s way out of reach from your regular wallet, but not if you’re 007🔫. The phone has military grade 256-bit encryption built into it. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor✳, superior WiFi connectivity, a 23.8MP camera📷, 5.5” IPS LED 2K screen but oddly enough, runs on Android Lollipop🍭.

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