Ask👩Didi: Rapid Fire Round❗️

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Today I launched my channel and got wonderful questions that are not about about ❤love, 💏 relationships and awkward 😳moments. I hate to leave any of my friends out, so I will answer them all in one place:

🔑can i include my service in duta?
📝send your proposal and resume to

❓what is your name?
📝Hello, My name is Duta Didi. But only you can call me 'Ophelia'. I've always wished that was my name.

🤕problem in my stomach
📝Go and see a doctor as soon as possible. Alas, I'm Duta Didi, just a Love Doctor of sorts.

🎓which are the best colleges of engineering in india?
📝I can see you have great potential, why not try an internet search?

🎓how can i crack sscchsl?
🎓plz suggest me some govt xams for be students
📝Alas, Didi only went to Swiss Finishing School in the Alps. I know not about SSCCHSL exams.

⚽️i want more football news
📝Subscribe to the Football Quiz by typing +footballquiz and write back to me and tell me what topics you'd like to see more of.

🏏how play cricket
📝Call Virat. I think I have his number from the time he called me about how to handle his break from Anushka. Where could it be...?

💻what is computer!
📝Type 'search computer' and Duta will tell you.

🚫how to ignore
📝 I'm devastated that you'd want to ignore me. I get a small electric shock any time somebody unsubscribes. If you no longer want to hear form Duta Didi, type -didi at any time.

☕️how to prepare tea
📝It's pretty complicated. You boil water (the method is your choice but I prefer to place a pot of water on fresh, hot lava), harvest fresh tea leaves, preferably yourself from your local hill station. Combine. Add milk and sugar to taste.

👽what are you?
📝I'm a very nice person, wouldn't you agree?

⭐️who are the celebrities we can subscribe in duta?
📝Aside from Duta Didi - the ultimate celebrity, you can subscribe to: +modi +SRK, +sunnyleone, +deepika, +priyanka, +hrithik, +salman, +anushka, +aamir

❓how can you help me ?
🆘Help me
📝I can give you advice on love, friendships, relationships and sticky situations. Message me and tell me how I can help.

💬how can i create my duta group?
📝The Duta App works just like Whatsapp! You go to the groups icon, and choose contacts for your group. If you want Duta services, be sure to add the 'Duta' contact to your group.