Police👮 Peace: Africans & Delhiites👏

  |   India News

Delhi Police👮 held a meeting at Ocean Pearl Retreat🏨 to sensitise locals and the African community living in Delhi towards each other, after alleged racial attacks and retaliations👊 were reported. Landlords hailing from neighbouring villages like Maidangarhi, Mehrauli & Rajpur where 7⃣ African nationals were beaten up, attended the meet👏. The police played the role of a peacemaker. 🔈"You maintained peace at a time like this, and the world is praising us for that. African brothers are our guests; some are studying here, doing business, travelling or even meeting relatives. We also share the same weather. When something untoward happens, call us, do not take matters into your own hand,” said Sanjay Bhatia, Additional DCP (South), when addressing the audience. Bhatia also congratulated👏 Africans for the tolerance they have shown and implored🙏 everyone to follow the laws of the land. Nupur Prasad and Iswar Singh, both DCPs, addressed the crowd and assured them that the police are committed to their safety👍.

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