ICC CEO👔: Amir Return a Good✌ Thing

ICC Chief Executive👔 David Richardson said that the return of Pakistan's 🏏fast bowler Mohammad Amir is a good thing for the sport. Amir was found guilty😞 of spot-fixing during the Lord's Test in August 2010 and was given a 😯6⃣-month prison sentence. Even though he was cleared by ICC to play again, he might be denied🚫 an entry visa to Britain. However, the ICC CEO said that he will be 😳surprised if Amir doesn't play in England. "I always think you get handed out your punishment, you serve it and then who are we to say 'never again?'," Richardson said. "He (Amir) has certainly shown a willingness to make sure he sets an example now by asking younger players to learn from his mistakes. Certainly, I think it's a good thing that he's back playing. I'd be surprised if he (Amir) doesn't end up coming (to England)," the 56-year-old added.

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