ICC👥 Ponders🤔 League for Tests❗

By Shadowfax🐎

Dave Richardson, former SA wicketkeeper and Chief Executive Officer👔 of ICC, has said that the game's governing body is considering bringing in a league system😯 for Test match cricket by the end of the year 2019. Richardson said that a league and points system will bring more meaning to bilateral contests⚡ between cricketing nations. He also confirmed✅ that there are plans to add more teams to the existing list of Test nations and introduce a 2⃣-tier version of Test cricket😳. He was quoted as saying🔈, "That means the same number of fixtures, home and away so that at the end of a league period you can crown a champion team". He felt that this move would bring more competitveness👏 and spectator interest to the longer format.

Definitely worth a try. Better than watching randomly cooked up series' between teams😉.

🔍To know more about Dave Richardson, type: search dave richardson

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